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Grammar Humor


By DebFebruary 27, 2016in Grammar Humor0

Sometimes errors can inadvertently be a good thing.

The other day at work, I received an email about an upcoming update to a software program.  It said that we had to be signed out of the system by 5 PM that day so the update could take place.  It then advised that a list of “enchantments” was attached to the email for our review.

How about you?  Wouldn’t you rather read a list of enchantments any day over a list of software enhancements?

When the woman that wrote this message became aware of her error, she sent me an email saying she wished I could edit all her emails before she sent them out.  I responded with a big thank you for brightening my day and giving me a HUGE smile.

Not all errors are bad!  Some bring smiles and laughter to our lives.

Do you have any stories of “good” errors?  I’d love if you would share…


If I asked what your pet peeve was, how would you respond?

What about a pet peeve about punctuation? Do you see things, when you are reading, that drive you crazy? If you gave it some thought, you might actually discover you have more than one personal punctuation pet peeve (PPPP).

I definitely have multiple PPPPs, but the biggest is people who use apostrophes to make words plural. You know who you are! LOL.

I see this all the time. It is especially common when people are making acronyms plural. Think DVD’s  and CD’s (as opposed to DVDs and CDs). I understand that people may be concerned about all the letters running together, but the best solution, in my opinion, is simply showing the acronym in capital letters and using a small letter s at the end.

The official online definition of an apostrophe ( ‘ ) is: a punctuation mark used to indicate possession (e.g. John’s book or the boys’ coats) or the omission of letters and numbers (e.g. can’t for cannot or the class of ’99 for 1999).

Let’s have some fun! Right now, share your PPPP here in a comment. Let’s see if you agree about the misuse of apostrophes or if your PPPP is even more annoying!

I look forward to reading your comments! Don’t keep me waiting…