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By DebMay 28, 2015in News & Updates0

“I’m writing to you because I remember how anal you are about punctuation and grammar and noticing missed things…”

That was the first line of an email I received, which provided the impetus for me to offer my services as a copy editor, line editor, PDF editor and proofreader. Renuka Baron, business and life partner of Dov Baron (my personal and business mentor), asked if she could hire me to proofread Dov’s new book before it was published. It had been through an editor and line editor already, but she found an error and thought one more set of eyes wouldn’t hurt.

As a child, I was a voracious reader.  If I didn’t have a book, I would simply read whatever I could put my hands on.  I remember reading cereal boxes at the breakfast table. As an adult, I discovered what I call my mental affliction – spelling, punctuation, and other grammar-related errors jump off the pages at me.

My affliction is well known to friends and co-workers. I have assisted with many business and personal documents over the years, but no one had offered to pay for my talents before the day that email arrived. I was delighted to do the work, although slightly reluctant to accept payment. I had not yet grasped the value of what I had to offer.

I didn’t count them, but I am advised my proofreading of that book uncovered 106 errors! Word of mouth spread and I began to get calls for my services. A business was born!

Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors are everywhere you look today! Randomly open a book, pop onto a website, read signs at your local store (and along the road), or go online to the most popular social media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You, like me, will quickly find multiple errors.

How do you feel about the person or company publishing these errors? Do you question their professionalism?

What about your own writing and posting? Do you worry you won’t be understood, or that someone might question your professionalism? Does a wave of fear wash over you each time you hit the post button? Is this worry impacting your creativity? Do you have lofty goals and this fear is holding you back?

How good would it feel, to know you have a second set of eyes ensuring you will always be understood and look professional? What would it be worth to you, to hit the post button without hesitation or fear? You need Grammar Queen™ on your team assisting you to post with confidence!

Check out my Services page to discover how my unique talent can assist with your next project.