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By DebFebruary 27, 2016in Grammar Humor0

Sometimes errors can inadvertently be a good thing.

The other day at work, I received an email about an upcoming update to a software program.  It said that we had to be signed out of the system by 5 PM that day so the update could take place.  It then advised that a list of “enchantments” was attached to the email for our review.

How about you?  Wouldn’t you rather read a list of enchantments any day over a list of software enhancements?

When the woman that wrote this message became aware of her error, she sent me an email saying she wished I could edit all her emails before she sent them out.  I responded with a big thank you for brightening my day and giving me a HUGE smile.

Not all errors are bad!  Some bring smiles and laughter to our lives.

Do you have any stories of “good” errors?  I’d love if you would share…

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